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No one is more committed to after-sale support than Global Pre-Press Systems. Whether you purchased your system from us or another supplier, our technical and product support specialists can install it correctly, and help you maintain your system at peak performance, for quality and reliability. If you require On-Site Service, a technician experienced with your equipment can be On-Site within 8-16 business hours or less.


New: We can provide new OEM parts for most of the major brands of imagesetters and CtP systems. Many parts are provided on a cost savings exchange basis. Warrantees are determined by the OEM

Refurbished Parts: These parts have been cleaned, repaired, adjusted, and tested in working systems by our technicians. All refurbished parts carry a 30-90 Day Warranty depending on the part. Refurbished parts are offered at a fraction of new parts pricing and are offered on an exchange basis.

If you are purchasing key parts as spares, we recommend that you immediately install the part, and use the original as your hot spare. You will then know that our part exceeded your expectations, and that you have a known good spare



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