"As the Pre-press Manager here at The Carroll County Times in Westminster, Md during the operations of our Agfa Avantra Imagesetters, I had the pleasure of having service contracts for our Imagesetters with Global Prepress Systems. I found their service to be superior to the service I received through Agfa Systems service contracts. Global responded immediately to all and any requests we had with regards to maintaining our Imagesetters and all of their technicians were very knowledgeable and honest about the system repairs that were needed.

Global helped to establish a preventive maintenance schedule to head off possible system failures and recommended certain parts to be on hand as the system aged. There are numerous companies that will promise to have your best interests at heart, but I found Global Prepress Systems to be one of the few companies who stand by their promises and truly deliver the timely and superior service that you need to maintain your imaging systems."

Raymond W. Cone / Carroll County Times - Prepress Dept.


"The Virgin Islands Daily News, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper founded in 1930, is the only daily newspaper circulating throughout the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. The newspaper is headquartered on St. Thomas with an on-site production plant.

Management selected the Accelero and NEWSflo system after close review of the options available for direct-to-plate technology, and the opportunity to continue working with Global Pre-Press was a major factor.

"We've had a long relationship with Global Pre-Press, and they've stood by The Daily News with outstanding dependability," said Jason Robbins, chief executive of The Daily News. "When we needed support two days before Thanksgiving and shipment logistics became a problem, Global's Mike Seale got on a plane and brought the part himself as carry-on luggage. We're publishing on an island that's usually a thousand miles from the nearest technical support, and Global's level of commitment impressed us immensely."

The Accelero and NEWSflo system is expected to configure easily into The Daily News' existing production processes, and it offers a number of quality control and workflow options that management sees as valuable tools not only for pre-press and pressroom operation but also for advertising graphics production."

Jason Robbins - Executive Editor, The Virgin Islands Daily News
Chief Executive Officer, Daily News Publishing Co.






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